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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halo 3 : ODST - Screens

Publisher - Microsoft Game Studios
Developer - Bungie
Platform - 360
Released Date - 22 September 2009

Bracken Tor : The Time of Tooth and Claw

Game - Bracken Tor : The Time of Tooth and Claw
Developer - Shadow Tor Studios
Platform - PC
Release - 2010

  • Explore the desolate moorland, searching for evidence.
  • Travel back in time, to The Bronze Age, to learn its secrets.
  • A complete interactive world; brought to life on your PC.
  • Environmental sounds and weather to heighten the experience.
  • An unnerving and eerie soundtrack to chill the blood.
  • Experience virtual archaeology, and uncover the past.
  • Survive beast attacks using items close at hand. Defend yourself!
  • A complex and unusual story to piece together.
  • Glean clues from newspaper articles and local radio broadcasts.
  • Solve a bloody murder through investigation and detection.

Edge Of Twilight

Game - Edge Of Twilight
Publisher - SouthPeak Interactive
Developer - Fuzzyeyes
Platform - PC, 360, PS3
Release Date - 2010

  • An immersive post-apocalyptic world that combines both steampunk and alternative fantasy elements.
  • A new brand of fast-paced cinematic combat and action that adapts depending on the character's persona and the player's reactions.
  • A world divided into the realms of Day and Night; an antihero torn between two personas, each possessing its own distinct abilities.
  • A unique, twisting, and captivating storyline that dynamically alters based on the player's level of involvement.
  • A living, breathing world populated by an interesting and wildly different cast of characters.

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