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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dead Space Necromorph Feature


The most predominant form seen of the Necromorphs, the Slashers appear to be the most human of the species. These creatures still walk upright like human beings, but have large bone blades that have been extended from the shoulders. Some of these blades seem to be new appendages, with the former human's arms still attached to the shambling body. Others are newly created weapons from the remains of the host. Regardless of what created the bones, the main role of the Slashers are to slaughter people to create new carriers of the infection.

Enhanced Slasher


Not all of the victims of the Necromorph plague are adults. The Lurkers appear to be infected humans that happen to have been young children at their time of death. The "host," if it can be called that, is a shell of its former self, as tentacles emanating from the creature's stomach help it to move around. This can also help the Lurker crawl along walls and ceilings. During attacks, these tentacles emerge from its back, flinging quills that can impale its victims.


The Necromorphs are disturbing by themselves, but the Brute could be one of the most disturbing of all. A combination of multiple hosts fused together into one large being, it's impossible to tell exactly how many bodies have been reanimated to create this monster. Brutes come with a hardened exoskeleton that protects its frame in certain sections, and incredible strength, frequently preferring to charge and pound their targets into submission. Their power is more than enough to make them an extremely dangerous enemy; fortunately, there aren't many Brutes that have been observed onboard.

Enhanced Brute


Another variant on the Slasher, the Exploders don't feature the prominent bone blades that traditionally mark the species. Unfortunately, the blades are replaced with a large glowing sac of some explosive acidic material that is extremely hazardous in close quarters. With its legs fused together in a strange fleshy mass and its body radically twisted, the Exploders are fortunately slow to move, but a threat when injured.


The Necromorph infection has to come from somewhere, and that role is filled by the strange winged Infectors, who are the primary carrier of the disease. Only attacking or defending itself when it cannot find any hosts to infect, its wings appear to protrude from the remains of the host's legs and chest, with a strange striking weapon embedded in its neck. This weapon is also the delivery mechanism used to infect potential hosts, which is done quickly by swarming and enveloping the corpse until the infection takes hold. In any room with the remains of crewmembers, these are beasts that should be taken down quickly before you're overrun with newly infected creatures.

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